About Sonic Sports

Sonic Sports was founded by Douglas Thedford, who has experience coaching a variety of sports over the past 20 years. We are committed to helping elementary and middle school kids build confidence, enhance their energy level, build camaraderie, and have fun through participation in team sports.

Sonic Volleyball was developed in February 2015 as a community enrichment organization with a focus on teaching the basic fundamental skills of volleyball to elementary and middle school girls in the Rochester community. Our sessions are managed by coaches that have playing experience, and we are committed to teaching the six basic skills of volleyball during the sessions. Thus far we have had an opportunity coach over 100 girls on the benefits of teamwork, camaraderie, and good sportsmanship.

Due to the overwhelming success of Sonic Volleyball, Sonic Basketball was formed in February 2017 as an effort to teach elementary and middle school boys the value of team sports in the Rochester Community. We focus not only on enhancing skills on the court, but also on building character and confidence off the court.

Girls Volleyball Fundamentals
Boys Basketball Fundamentals

Coach Profiles

Basketball Coach

Ron Ashford Tate

Ron is a 6′ 2″ former Wayne State University Shooting Guard. Ron communicated that he is excited to support Sonic’s commitment to community enrichment and will teach players the skills that helped him compete at the NCAA level. Ron’s session will focus on Basketball Fundamentals training with intramural team assignment in preparation for competitive play.

Volleyball Coach

Nyla Outlaw

Nyla has 3 years of coaching experience and 5 years of playing experience. She’s played for the Instant Replay and Detroit Country Day volleyball teams, and is excited to coach for Sonic Volleyball “because it is a fun way to pass on my skills on to younger girls.‚Äč” She also says “I like coaching volleyball because it is a fun way to continue the game during off season. Also, I love teaching the game because I had so much fun learning it.”

Volleyball Coach

Autumn Moore

Autumn has been playing volleyball for 8 years and, along with Sonic, she has helped coach teams at Sportz Allstarz. She’s played for the Legacy, Michigan Elite, Sportz Allstarz, Hart Middle School, and Stoney Creek High School volleyball teams. Her favorite part about coaching is being able to share her love for volleyball with others by teaching them how to play. Autumn says, “Coaching at Sonic is great! The way the drills are coached and executed are extremely beneficial to Sonic athletes. I love all the energy that the [Sonic participants] bring to the sport and how with every new session they’re motivated to improve.”

Volleyball Coach

Julie Cowdrey

Julie has over 20 years of experience coaching volleyball, and played 4 years of volleyball during high school. She played intramural volleyball in college, and enjoys having the opportunity to use her coaching background and experience to help enrich the community through volleyball.